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I used to do a bit of yoga. Now I want to make it a habit.

I used to do a bit of yoga. Now I want to make it a habit.

From decreasing stress, to improving flexibility and giving you a better sleep quality, the benefits of regularly undertaking a session of yoga is quite lengthy. Increased immunity, increased strength and stamina, improved blood flow. It almost seems that there is no reason why everyone shouldn’t be doing it! Indeed I’m not sure that I know anyone who has a bad word to say about it. I’m also not sure I know anyone who actually does it. I’m often found to be giving it praise, however. Especially for someone who no longer does it.


Sometimes I ask myself – why can’t I maintain a fitness routine?

The first time I began to workout was at university, first year. I had ordered a 20kg set of dumbbells from the internet. So weak was I at this time that I struggled to carry the box containing them from the faculty office where they were delivered to my hall of residence. It wasn’t a far distance but I still had to put it down twice on the way.
Things have changed but I am still quite far from where I wanted to be some 9 years later.