Top 5 things I look for in an amazing holiday destination.

Many people dream about their perfect holiday and I do too. I’ve been on many good holidays and each have their own virtues which made them amazing. From having amazing company to great value, here are the top 5 things I look for in an amazing holiday destination. Let’s see if you agree with what I have to say.


How spirituality changed my life, and why it could change yours.

I have never been one for faith. I do not believe in a greater power and I never used to really understand those that did. I shunned the church and its holy books as nothing more than misinterpreted stories and ancient lore. I didn’t pay it much mind at all.
I still do not have a faith. But I do have spirituality now.

My amazing hobbies and happiness

We all want to do what we love. For some people that is their career. Their job. For many, however, it is what they do outside of work that brings them the most happiness and enjoyment. I am no exception to this rule. I enjoy my job but I do not love it. I need

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Sometimes I ask myself – why can’t I maintain a fitness routine?

The first time I began to workout was at university, first year. I had ordered a 20kg set of dumbbells from the internet. So weak was I at this time that I struggled to carry the box containing them from the faculty office where they were delivered to my hall of residence. It wasn’t a far distance but I still had to put it down twice on the way.
Things have changed but I am still quite far from where I wanted to be some 9 years later.

What does happiness mean to me?

Aside from being the title of a decent Amy MacDonald song (“What happiness means to me” – perhaps most notable for an excellent cover of “Dancing in the Dark” which follows on the same track) I do sometimes wonder what happiness means to me. Happiness can come in short bursts, upon the completion of an

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Let me tell you why I am amazing.

It sounds presumptuous. Like my ego must have overflown from my over-sized head filling the entire room with my conceited self-opinion. But it isn’t presumptuous, it is true. Let me tell you why.