gift of attention this valentine's day

Give the gift of attention this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is an odd day. A special day to show you love someone? Surely every day should be thus! We do not love our partner any more on Valentine’s, so why would it be necessary to show them that love more than usual? It is possible that in your hectic life you aren’t spending enough time showing that love? If it is then it is understandable. We are all often very busy. We take things for granted. That is why Valentine’s Day is so important – to remind those that we love that we do love them. And I have an idea of the perfect gift for them: your attention.

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Active Listening

Active Listening – how it will change the way you interact forever

We have all been in those conversations where we don’t quite know what to say – and it shows. If this were The Sims we would be having little negative relationship points signs appear above our heads in those situations. Even if the other person doesn’t outwardly say it, you’ll come across as someone who either doesn’t care or wasn’t listening. But there is an easy solution to this, one that doesn’t require you to actually know what to say in response – active listening.

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Spreading positivity and happiness

Spreading positivity and happiness

A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.

Amelia Earhart

Perhaps a cornerstone of this website and the theme of its writings is that one should always be a good person. Rarely is there a time to act otherwise. I believe that by being good people and doing good unto others, we can find fulfilment and, indeed, enlightenment – if you’re into that kind of thing. Let’s take a closer look at the second part: being good to other people and spreading positivity and happiness!

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