What are Photography Projects and how can they help you

What Are Photography Projects and How Can They Help You?

I often wonder about the progress of my photography skills and how I can improve. Aside from just reading material and trying new things when I go out and about shooting, I have found that having a photography project can fast track my skill growth whilst being a rewarding experience. You might have already read my previous post about hobby projects and using them to stay motivated (if not, be sure to go read that too once you are done here!) but photography projects can be a little different. So, what are photography projects and how can they help you?

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3 Tips for Photographing your First Portrait Session

Tips for Photographing Your First Portrait Session

Got your first photoshoot? Let me share some knowledge with you. Recently I was down the seafront early one morning, outside one of the swimming centres, doing a portrait session for a client who reached out to me on Instagram. The client wanted some headshots and some other photos for their modelling portfolio. I was eager to collaborate and get some much sought-after experience, with this being one of my first portrait sessions with a client who I did not know beforehand. I did my research to make sure it went well, and now I am ready to share with you some tips for photographing your first portrait session.

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