What am I doing with my life?

Asking yourself: What am I doing with my life?

I think we all get to a point in our life where we stop and wonder, to ourselves or another, what am I doing with my life? Perhaps this point comes at retirement when your job can no longer define you. Maybe you have just finished university and you are not sure what to do now. Perhaps you have been in the same job or field for years and it is becoming apparent that it is not what you wanted from life. You are not alone in these thoughts.

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How to ensure you stay positive during trying times

How to ensure you stay positive during trying times

The world has become a very different place in a matter of weeks and months. Whilst some continue on with their normal lives, many more seek shelter from the rampant virus spreading over the globe. There are shortages in shops, lockdowns, and more fake information then you can shake a reasonably large stick at. The way people react to the Coronavirus will change the way society works going forward, as will the response and survivability of businesses large and small. With everything going on, you would be forgiven for being a bit nervous. It’s important to remember that this will not last forever, and here I want to outline some points and tips to help ensure you stay positive during these trying times.

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Appreciation and Happy Thoughts

Appreciation and Happy Thoughts: Why Being Nice Matters

At my workplace, I have recently been involved in a training day about dignity and respect at work. The policy itself is a lengthy piece of work, as you might imagine, and deals with all sorts of issues from harassment and bullying to discrimination and victimisation. During the training session – which was aimed at managers so we could identify and deal with issues as they might arise – it became obvious that there are many ways to insult people without even realising it. Certainly, since the training, my awareness of the issue has increased tenfold and now I really know why being nice matters. Appreciation and some happy thoughts can take you a long way.

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Spreading positivity and happiness

Spreading positivity and happiness

A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.

Amelia Earhart

Perhaps a cornerstone of this website and the theme of its writings is that one should always be a good person. Rarely is there a time to act otherwise. I believe that by being good people and doing good unto others, we can find fulfilment and, indeed, enlightenment – if you’re into that kind of thing. Let’s take a closer look at the second part: being good to other people and spreading positivity and happiness!

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