Michael is Amazing

At Home With Mike

Welcome to the start of a new series (kind of) of blog posts where I talk about myself, what I get up to, and such things.

I wanted to take this opportunity to talk about my recent trip to the United States of America! Specifically, Chicago and Washington, D.C. I visited for a week each. It was my first time over to America and my first time travelling outside of Europe!

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Hurry Sickness

3 Steps to Destroy Hurry Sickness in the Workplace

The average person at work is relentlessly busy. You’ve heard this line before: the modern and interconnected world means we can never switch off, meaning we’re constantly doing something, and it is slowly killing us. It’s the fashionable way of running a business and behaving at work, and it is called hurry sickness. But guess what? The truth is, you need to slow down to get more done in the workplace.

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Should Creatives Sellout? Moving Past the Starving Artist Romanticism

Is there a more romanticised scene than that of the “starving artist” persona? The struggling artist who moved to the big city with hopes of making it big. Whether the painter in Paris or the actor in Los Angeles, there is an idealised view of these creatives and their lifestyle whilst striving to prove themselves to the community of artists and the wider public. Cries of “sellout” abound when that same artist receives not just a level of success, but more importantly payment in return for that success. So, should creatives sellout? Let us look past the romanticism of the “starving artist” role and see.

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What are Photography Projects and how can they help you

What Are Photography Projects and How Can They Help You?

I often wonder about the progress of my photography skills and how I can improve. Aside from just reading material and trying new things when I go out and about shooting, I have found that having a photography project can fast track my skill growth whilst being a rewarding experience. You might have already read my previous post about hobby projects and using them to stay motivated (if not, be sure to go read that too once you are done here!) but photography projects can be a little different. So, what are photography projects and how can they help you?

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Can 30 Continuous Days of Exercise Make a Difference?

The benefits of regular exercise are often regarded highly when discussing fitness, weight management, dieting, and lifestyles. You can benefit from improvement in many areas of your life by committing to regular exercise. Aside from the usual changes in your body, you can also often the changes in other areas such as motivation, concentration, and productivity to name a few. but what would happen if you went beyond doing regular exercise and instead did exercise every single day? Can 30 continuous days of exercise make a difference?

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3 Tips for Photographing your First Portrait Session

Tips for Photographing Your First Portrait Session

Got your first photoshoot? Let me share some knowledge with you. Recently I was down the seafront early one morning, outside one of the swimming centres, doing a portrait session for a client who reached out to me on Instagram. The client wanted some headshots and some other photos for their modelling portfolio. I was eager to collaborate and get some much sought-after experience, with this being one of my first portrait sessions with a client who I did not know beforehand. I did my research to make sure it went well, and now I am ready to share with you some tips for photographing your first portrait session.

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