Wrapping up 2020 and Looking Forward to 2021 Goals & Ambitions

Wrapping up 2020 and Looking Forward to 2021: Goals & Ambitions

I want to be enthused about the fact that 2020 is ending, but I know the reality is that 2021 is not suddenly going to be easier. The virus will not disappear overnight, and those we have lost will not be returned to us. For the average person, there is not much we can do about this. We must stay resilient and move on with our lives as best as we can in 2021. As such, it is time to wrap up 2020 and look onward to 2021 and what my goals and ambitions are for the new year.

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The Einstein Window

The Einstein Window: The Key to Time Management

A huge part of time management is knowing what to work on and when. Your productivity can be seriously hampered if you do not properly organise your time. When you are going to work on what task. Having a clearer picture of this is key – whether it is to maximise your hobby potential, or to ensure you meet that crucial deadline at work. Think about the issues you might face at work or when otherwise trying to organise your time. What challenges do you face? I can tell you that there is a period of the day when you will get your best work done and that is the Einstein Window.

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Encourage fresh growth in your life

Encourage fresh growth in your life

Human beings are creatures of constant change. It is not our way to be just one thing, in one place, for all of our time. For some, falling into the unchanging ‘tree-like’ stance can be detrimental to their wellbeing. It is our habits and preferences that can take root and make us immovable. This prevents us from progression in our life and causes stagnation. Breaking free of our roots and moving forward with our lives is not something impossible to accomplish, however. This post will take a look at how we can encourage fresh growth in your life by making the smallest modifications and setting new goals.

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