Hurry Sickness

3 Steps to Destroy Hurry Sickness in the Workplace

The average person at work is relentlessly busy. You’ve heard this line before: the modern and interconnected world means we can never switch off, meaning we’re constantly doing something, and it is slowly killing us. It’s the fashionable way of running a business and behaving at work, and it is called hurry sickness. But guess what? The truth is, you need to slow down to get more done in the workplace.

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The Einstein Window

The Einstein Window: The Key to Time Management

A huge part of time management is knowing what to work on and when. Your productivity can be seriously hampered if you do not properly organise your time. When you are going to work on what task. Having a clearer picture of this is key – whether it is to maximise your hobby potential, or to ensure you meet that crucial deadline at work. Think about the issues you might face at work or when otherwise trying to organise your time. What challenges do you face? I can tell you that there is a period of the day when you will get your best work done and that is the Einstein Window.

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Building in Wellness at Work 1 - copy

Wellness at Work: Are you getting the most out of your workday?

This is a guest post written by Paige from Unfortunately, that site no longer exists! But this post remains as testament to Paige’s great writing skills!

Employees across the country have started to notice a phenomenon happening in the workplace. Organizations are starting to hop on the Wellness at work Bandwagon. Each employer’s offer may look different, but one thing is the same: employers are recognizing that wellness in the workplace is a benefit.

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Appreciation and Happy Thoughts

Appreciation and Happy Thoughts: Why Being Nice Matters

At my workplace, I have recently been involved in a training day about dignity and respect at work. The policy itself is a lengthy piece of work, as you might imagine, and deals with all sorts of issues from harassment and bullying to discrimination and victimisation. During the training session – which was aimed at managers so we could identify and deal with issues as they might arise – it became obvious that there are many ways to insult people without even realising it. Certainly, since the training, my awareness of the issue has increased tenfold and now I really know why being nice matters. Appreciation and some happy thoughts can take you a long way.

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