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Spreading positivity and happiness

Spreading positivity and happiness

It’s amazing what you can achieve by spreading positivity and happiness. Delve into this important step on the road to being amazing! #happiness

What does happiness mean to me?

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Aside from being the title of a decent Amy MacDonald song (“What happiness means to me” – perhaps most notable for an excellent cover of “Dancing in the Dark” which follows on the same track) I do sometimes wonder what happiness means to me.… Continue Reading “What does happiness mean to me?”

So, you want to be amazing too?

I just know I have the potential to do anything if I really, truly, set my mind to it. And guess what? You do too.

Let me tell you why I am amazing.

It sounds presumptuous. Like my ego must have overflown from my over-sized head filling the entire room with my conceited self-opinion. But it isn’t presumptuous, it is true. Let me tell you why.