Let me tell you why I am amazing.

It sounds presumptuous. Like my ego must have overflown from my oversized head filling the entire room with my conceited self-opinion. But it isn’t presumptuous, it is true.

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Let me tell you why

It is not because I have the best job in the world. I work as manager at a tourist attraction. And it’s a big attraction with people coming from around the world to see it. The variety of entertainments attracts both the young and old, the families and the students, the thrill seeker and the scholar. Indeed, often the prestige of working at such a place is an easy talking point at any social event. The charismatic amongst my colleagues could probably drag the “what do you do for a living?” conversation out for some time. But if someone asked me what I did for a living I wouldn’t say I worked as a manager. For me it is just a job.

Update: I no longer work there two years on. Now I work in the education sector and I’m launching my photography career!

It is not because I have mastery of any skills. Whilst I have tried my hand at many things over the years, from mixology to learning a language to running a race, few things have I excelled at and none I have mastered. Although I keep up many of these hobbies, such as playing the piano and the butchery of the French language, I have never truly invested the time in becoming more than a beginner in these areas. Indeed if I ever have regrets it is that I do not devote enough time to these hobbies and what I refer to as ‘Quality of Life’ improvements. In the budgeting app that I use (because neither am I rich) I even have a section for these Quality of Life expenditures.

It is certainly not because I am fearless. My list of fears runs long. And I’m not just referring to fears of things like spiders or heights either (although I am fond of neither) but also to fears of loved ones being hurt, fear of failure, and fear of what happens after death. Of course, having fears is both natural and expected. Who has no fears? Not me! Perhaps I sometimes let fear become too big of a factor in my decision making process. After all, is the point of fear is not only to remind us of our limitations but in some cases to act as an invitation to act in spite of that fear? That must be why some people like rollercoasters. I do not.

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Yet, even with all of this, I am amazing

What qualifies as amazing is not easily defined, if at all possible, as it is subjective. Some people out there might not believe I am amazing. Those people would be wrong but they could still believe it. Because being amazing is not something that can be universally objective I need only to believe it for it to be true.

And, so, I am amazing. And you can be amazing too!

Join me, in this grand state, as I blog about all manner of things as they relate to me, and indeed you. Expect to find out about my interests, lifestyle, and personality, while making sure you get the most out of each post for your own personal development and interest.

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I’m looking forward to this!

Michael is Amazing
Michael is Amazing

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