So, you want to be amazing too?

You’ve probably read my first post. Undoubtedly you are thinking that I am either a) full of myself, or b) full of self-confidence.

Neither is true.

The correct answer was c) I just know I have the potential to do anything if I really, truly, set my mind to it. And guess what? You do too.

Some of you who are sitting and reading this post now may already know that you are amazing. And, assuming you are not just full of yourself, you may feel as I do. That perhaps anything is possible. That you have found happiness and how to keep hold of and appreciate it. Maybe you are sitting there in disagreement. Maybe you have problems which you think prevent you from being amazing. From being happy.

Well, I have problems and issues too. We all do. But this isn’t about minimising those problems. This is about knowing you are amazing in spite of those problems. I get that you might not always feel like you are amazing and sometimes I don’t either. But you really are. Without a doubt, we are all amazing creatures of life and beauty. And we can be amazing in the smallest acts.

Knowing that you are amazing requires, certainly to a degree at least, happiness. That is what this blog is really about. Happiness.

How to achieve it.

How to live it.

How to be it.

For the majority of the time, I am happy. I want others to be happy too.

I’m going to talk about things that make me happy in this blog. I’m going to talk about how they could make you happy too. I’m also going to talk about some other random stuff because I am only human. There are many important things in life and I want to talk about them.

This blog will take a look at hobbies, spirituality, exercise and fitness, travelling, food, work, leisure activities, and also general well-being and health. Everything will be discussed with a slant towards achieving, maintaining, and appreciating happiness. What I decide to talk about will ultimately be stimulated by how you, the reader, responds and what you would like to see. Be sure to let me know in the comments, or on Twitter (@M_is_Amazing) or Insta ( what you think!

Thanks for reading and stay amazing!


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