I’m glad you want to learn more about wellbeing and self-development. On this page, I will lay out some of the posts I have made which should be considered essential reading. I’ll add to this as time goes on, so be sure to check back occasionally.

Happiness and Wellbeing

Appreciation and Happy Thoughts

Appreciation and Happy Thoughts: Why Being Nice Matters

Dignity and respect matter and it can sometimes be a challenge to spot when we are not being as kind as we could to others. Without realising it, you can insult a dozen people with one word. This post takes a look at showing appreciation and accepting that, actually, people aren’t just too easily offended these days.

Is the greatest problem with other people ourselves? The self-delusion epidemic.

Is the Greatest Problem with other people ourselves? The Self-Delusion Epidemic

We always think that we know best. And this can cause us serious problems in our relationships at work and in the home. The truth is, however, that we might be deluding ourselves. This post takes a deep dive into self-bias and what we can do to combat it.


Mindfulness: what is it and why should it matter to you?

Mindfulness: What is it and why should it matter to you?

A working knowledge of what is meant by mindfulness is key. It can be easy to rush through life without stopping to notice what is actually going on. This post introduces you to the topic and lays out the foundations of why mindfulness should be important to you.

Cope with Anything How to Build Resilience and Inner Strength

Cope with Anything: How to Build Resilience and Inner Strength

If there is one universal truth, it is that suffering comes to us all. But when those hardships come, we can still remain strong. This post takes a look at how we can build up our resilience and our inner strength to better tackle the obstacles we face in life.


Strong Foundations: ensuring a resilient starting point for your goals

Strong Foundation: Ensuring a Resilient Starting Point for Your Goals

You’ve probably had many a goal you wanted to achieve in your life. You’ve probably also failed at reaching a lot of those goals. There’s no shame in that, but there is something we can learn from it. This post discussing how creating a strong foundation can springboard us to success in our goals.

Active Listening

Active Listening – How it Will Change the Way you Interact Forever

Sometimes we end up in conversations where we don’t quite know what to say. Sometimes those conversations can be somewhat important. Luckily, you don’t need to have the perfect answer to every question. This post walks you through how active listening will revolutionise the way you interact with others.

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